Monday, 5 December 2011


Come to Ghana for 4 intensive weeks of drum, dance, song, community and culture! You are invited, by Bortier Okoe , leader of the Telema Ensemble for a life changing opportunity, to immerse yourself in rich and vibrant culture on a stimulating and inspiring cultural tour.

On your arrival you will be welcomed by Bortier’s family and the whole community, who during your stay, will share their culture with you, cook for you their traditional and delicious food and much, much more. Living in the town of Nungua, you will bring your drumming and dance techniques to a whole new level, have a completely unique cultural experience and be embraced by the people of Nungua.  Each and everyone’s experience will be unique. We guarantee you will feel the rhythm of Ghanaian life and see firsthand the joy of people around you. This tour will open your heart to new experiences and quite possibly change your life.